Are You Throwing Away Advertising Dollars by Using Dumb Landing Pages?

If your firm is spending advertising dollars using outdated landing pages with dumb forms designed to gather useless information that takes no action except the  promise of a call back, get ready to build in the cost of lost potential clients.

SimplyConvert helps legal consumers at the moment of intent.  If a qualified potential client finds a landing page using SimplyConvert’s instant case evaluation tool, Casey will instantly qualify, notify and contract that individual – in seconds.  Firms using dumb form landing pages don’t stand a chance, there is a good chance competitor law firms using our landing pages will sign your potential clients, instantly.

Why?   individuals that click on ads, know what they want – instant legal guidance.  Give them what they want, and they will repay you with trust  – they will stop searching for legal assistance.

Trust leads to client conversions.

FACT – SimplyConvert sees the best conversion rates with advertising.   During beta test, 42% of signed clients did so immediately.

This is logical – Think of yourself as “consumer” – when is the last time you waited 24 hours to get an answer from your favorite service/app….Uber, Google Maps, Postmates, Yelp or Amazon?  Or, what if an airline chat agent told you they would get back to you with flight information “soon?”

Right, you’re gone.  Consumers no longer wait for answers and legal consumers are no different.

Want to try out Casey on your landing pages?  Great – couldn’t be easier!

Landing pages are simply Iframe pages that utilize our embedded widgets.  Link here for a quick FAQ on how to set up your embedded widget.

Need some inspirations?  Here is a landing page we use for Roundup advertising –

This is simply an Iframe set up in a split screen format using the Roundup “Starting point” and the “instant case evaluator” widget interface type, found on your dashboard under “Installation”.

Let us know how the landing pages work out for you!!!

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