3 Lessons Learned from a Pandemic-Proof Law Firm

Pandemic Proof Law Firm

The U.S. business landscape radically shifted in March 2020 due to the coronavirus, and law firms across the country are not immune to the challenges faced by changes in the workforce.  However, some law firms have proven to be uniquely suited to the pandemic and have seen an uptick in clients and potential revenue.  The … Read more3 Lessons Learned from a Pandemic-Proof Law Firm

Lawyers Working Remotely – Don’t Panic Over Missed Opportunities

Remote lawyer

The Covid-19 pandemic is not the time for a law firm to panic over missed opportunities.  As a leader in the community, lawyers have an obligation to take this time to care for those that depend on them – staff, family and the community at large.   If you, as a lawyer, can move to a … Read moreLawyers Working Remotely – Don’t Panic Over Missed Opportunities

Help Fill the American “Justice Gap”

Today, more than half of legal searches begin, and end, with an online search. The legal consumer expects that an online search will result in a list of the best, most qualified lawyers from which to choose. In reality, a “top-ranking lawyer” is decided by a mathematical equation that takes into account user experience on … Read moreHelp Fill the American “Justice Gap”

Traditional Legal Intake Process…Disrupted

More than half of legal clients shop around before hiring a lawyer.  Today more than ever, it is important for lawyers to understand what legal consumers are looking for when contacting a lawyer.  According to the Clio Legal Trends Report, more than 82% of potential legal clients site timeliness as a priority to hiring a … Read moreTraditional Legal Intake Process…Disrupted

SimplyConvert Invests In Your Firm – Transparent Pricing Policy

SimplyConvert’s pricing structure is flexible – it makes sense for every size law firm.  We have several options available for every law firm allowing your firm total control over how you engage with your web visitors. Beta firms have found a decrease of 40% in the cost of engagements as compared to Live Chat!  This … Read moreSimplyConvert Invests In Your Firm – Transparent Pricing Policy

Juul Lawsuits – Your Firm Can Be Part of the Solution

I would skip class to get nicotine because I felt anxious and uncomfortable without it. With nicotine, it makes me nauseous to the point of getting sick, and without nicotine, I feel nauseous constantly. This is the description of Juul addiction told from an 18 year old whose life was altered when she started vaping … Read moreJuul Lawsuits – Your Firm Can Be Part of the Solution

Diacetyl/Popcorn Lung

What is Diacetyl? 

Diacetyl is both a man-made chemical compound and something that occurs naturally in certain foods or food processes.  Diacetyl is used to mimic the taste, texture and smell of butter.

Diacetyl is a highly toxic chemical compound that can cause permanent, severe and potentially lethal lung disease in workers and consumers.  Many workers are not aware they are working with this chemical and, therefore, not taking steps to protect themselves.

What is the Signature Injury?

Bronchiolitis obliterans (also referred to as “popcorn lung” and “flavor-related lung disease”) is an extremely serious, non-reversible and obstructive lung disease in which the bronchioles of the lungs are blocked by the growth of fibrous tissue.

Bronchiolitis obliterans is difficult to diagnose and is often misdiagnosed as a different lung disease such as COPD, Chronic bronchitis, Pulmonary fibrosis or other diseases.

How many lawsuits have been filed and where?

Diacetyl/”Popcorn lung” cases have been filed individually in numerous state courts depending upon the supplier and/or manufacturer of the flavoring and the plaintiff.

These are not mass tort cases.

Who are the injured individuals?

Individuals who may have been exposed to the dangerous toxins at work and are now experiencing serious lung injuries.

Diacetyl-containing flavors are heated in the following food industries and may cause workers harm if not properly protected:

  • Popcorn manufacturing
  • Coffee roasting and grinding
  • Pet food manufacturing
  • Tortilla factories
  • Bakeries
  • Flavoring industries

In addition, diacetyl is used to flavor “e-juice” heated in Juul and e-cigarettes and inhaled by those that use e-cigarettes.

What does SimplyConvert’s “all-knowing” chatbot know?

SimplyConvert walks all potential clients through a series of questions regarding lung injuries they believe could be caused -by exposure to the dangerous chemical, diacetyl.

When contracts are enabled on SimplyConvert, individuals who have been diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans and believe they were exposed to diacetyl will receive a contract.  If an individual has not yet been diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans but is experiencing other symptoms or has a different diagnosis, will receive a “pending review” notification and further questions will need to be asked to determine if they can be assisted.

When contracts are disabled on SimplyConvert, individuals that meet the requirements of a diacetyl lawsuit will be marked as “Pending Review” and you may want to consider sending a contract out.

What should my firm do with Diacetyl Cases?

One of the goals of creating our “all-knowing” bot was the ability to offer legal users the best legal representation possible – instantly.  In many instances your firm will be the best option for a client that finds you online.  But, in some instances, your firm may not have the proper resources or experience in a particular area of law to help an individual that is asking for your help.

In these situations, everyone wins by using the SimplyConvert referral management platform.

SimplyConvert partners with law firms that are actively involved in the litigations, giving potential claimants the best shot at a successful outcome.  In addition, as a conduit to these law firms, your firm has the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream in the form of referral fees.

We truly believe that the best lawyers for those exposed to Diacetyl are those that are actively involved in these cases and we have worked out a relationship with these lawyers that we are happy to share with you upon request.

Why not be part of the solution to giving users the best possible representation and “Enable” these contracts?

Getting Started With SimplyConvert

Congrats on your choice to join the SimplyConvert community! Below you will find the “next steps” to increasing your conversion rates using SimplyConvert. These customizations are divided between “User” and “Team” settings. User Settings – settings that apply to only YOU as a user – every “team member” needs to customize below for themselves. Profiles … Read moreGetting Started With SimplyConvert