Getting Started With SimplyConvert

Congrats on your choice to join the SimplyConvert community!

Below you will find the “next steps” to increasing your conversion rates using SimplyConvert. These customizations are divided between “User” and “Team” settings.

User Settings – settings that apply to only YOU as a user – every “team member” needs to customize below for themselves.


SimplyConvert™ allows every user from your law firm to set their profile and notifications the way that suits them.

Personal information is not shared with clients.  This information is used to provide you with real time information by email and/or texts.

Getting email and phone numbers correct on your personal information assures that you will not miss any client opportunities.



Notification settings are your opportunity to tell SimplyConvert exactly how much information you want in real time via email and/or texts.

Your personal Dashboard is always going to be the best source for detailed client information but, we understand that a law practice gets great leads 24/7 – text and email notifications make sure you are notified in the moment a qualified potential client is looking to hire a lawyer.

Our automated platform will use your Default notifications unless you specify different settings.  You can change notification detail for each of our SimplyConvert™ Practice Areas at any time.

Team Settings – Unlike “user” settings, “team” settings control how your law firm interacts with clients.  Only “Admins” can change these settings.

Contract Customization

During set up of your SimplyConvert Dashboard, you told the SimplyConvert team whether you wanted to use the default contract of representation or if you wanted them to upload your own contract.

Regardless of which contract you are using, the details you provide on the Contract page of the dashboard will be merged into your contract and the handoff letter.

It is very important that you take the time to understand how this very important page works.

Email Customization –

SimplyConvert integrates a “Drip” communication strategy automatically.  The Drip campaign is a series of pre-written emails sent to qualified potential clients over the course of 60 days and results in an automatically voided contract.

SimplyConvert provides you with a generic templated drip campaign, but we recommend you take the time to customize this email campaign to sell your firm.

In order to start customizing your follow up campaign head to Settings > Drip Campaign.

On this page, you will see a chronological listing of the emails that will be sent to clients with pending contracts. You may choose to customize the follow up emails for all litigations, or for individual litigations using the dropdown menu at the top of the page. (Note: When customizing emails for all litigations, Social Security Disability will still use the default template unless customized specifically by selecting “Social Security Disability” from the dropdown.)

For each message in the sequence, enter the preview text, subject, and body as you would like it to appear. After making changes, press the “Save” button belonging to that message. After saving, you can test out the new look by clicking “Send Test” to send yourself a copy of the message as it will appear to clients. “Restore Default” will undo all changes made to that individual message, restoring the email back to the default template.

You can build more personalized messages by inserting “Merge Fields” into the email body. These fields will automatically be replaced with the correct information when the email is sent. To use a merge field:

  • Place your cursor where you would like the field to be.
  • Click the “Merge Fields” dropdown menu on the editor toolbar.
  • Select the desired field.

*When inserting a contract button, you will see an extra prompt to enter the text that will appear on the button.

Replacing Contact Forms and Landing Pages

SimplyConvert takes the place of live chat, contact forms and landing pages and we recommend you take the time to replace your dumb forms soon in order to maximize conversion rates.

During beta tests, 42% of signed clients did so immediately upon receiving a contract.  Why not increase your odds of signing a qualified client wherever you are found online?


SimplyConvert™ is designed to be YOUR virtual personal assistant and its very important that you take the time to make sure your law firm is putting its best foot forward with potential clients.

During installation, the SimplyConvert team uploaded your logo and followed your instructions on branding.  You can make changes to branding at any time.

Bot Menu Customization

Go to the “Custom Bot Menu” section under settings on your dashboard. You can easily modify the menu by dragging and dropping practice areas from the litigation list to the custom bot menu column. Save the changes the and new menu is applied to all of your bots.

The customized menu will list the litigations you selected along with a link to the default menu “Other Practice Areas”. That way your clients will always find what they are looking for.

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