SimplyConvert Invests In Your Firm – Transparent Pricing Policy

SimplyConvert’s pricing structure is flexible – it makes sense for every size law firm.  We have several options available for every law firm allowing your firm total control over how you engage with your web visitors.

Beta firms have found a decrease of 40% in the cost of engagements as compared to Live Chat!  This is because SimplyConvert is built to give your firm all the information you need to make an instant decision about whether you can assist all visitors that move through chat bot criteria.

SimplyConvert charges only for “Quality Engagements” meaning your firm is free to request refunds on any leads within 7 days from initial engagement.

SimplyConvert is also built with the goal of increasing access to justice by allowing users to access to legal guidance with regards to every practice area/litigation “Casey” knows.  Casey will remain “all-knowing” on every lawyer’s website creating a helpful user experience no matter where the user finds our virtual legal assistant.

Every law firm using SimplyConvert can assist with our goal to increase access to justice by simply taking the time to refer leads to the proper law firm.  SimplyConvert is working hard to make this referral process streamlined and simple by connecting a network of law firms licensed in different jurisdictions and specializing in different areas of the law.

Easy, streamlined referrals are not only a win for legal consumers but also law firms desiring to diversity their practice and increase revenues through referral fees (where allowed by your state bar association).

We recommend that prior to requesting a  “refund” on any lead, you make an effort to refer these cases to a law firm that can assist the legal consumer requesting guidance from your firm.  If you are unable to refer, we may send this case to our referral pool in an effort to find assistance for this user.

Want to step up your case conversion rate?  Beta firms have found a 500% increase in signed cases by enabling automated contracts.  SimplyConvert invests in your law firm by charging additional for SIGNED contracts only.

View our pricing model here. 
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