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SimplyConvert ALM Excellence in Legal Technology Award Finalist 2024

SimplyConvert Named Finalist in ALM International Legal Innovation & Technology Awards 2024 for Excellence in Legal Technology

We are thrilled to announce that SimplyConvert has been selected as a finalist in the ALM International Legal Innovation & Technology Awards 2024 for Excellence in Legal..

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Google's Algorithm Update

Google's Algorithm Update [March 2024] | Essential Insights for SimplyConvert Users

In March 2024, Google introduced a significant core algorithm update aimed at refining the quality and relevance of its search results. This adjustment is particularly focused on..

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Introducing TruLaw

SimplyConvert Partners with The Search Engine Guys (TSEG) under TruLaw

Overview We are proud to announce that SimplyConvert, recognized by ABA as one of the top leading innovators in legal tech, has entered into a strategic partnership with The..

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woman checking cell phone for two factor authentication code

Ensuring you have more than one way to get in touch with your clients

In April we announced the addition of two-factor verification to the SimplyConvert platform. You can read about it in our blog post, Enhancing security and client experience with..

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User entering code to sign contract on SimplyConvert platform

Enhancing security and client experience with two-factor verification

SimplyConvert recently rolled out two-factor verification, requiring users to verify their contact information before signing a contract. The enhancement ensures users provide..

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paralegal checking statute of limitations on a case

Statute of limitations (SOL) check now available on the platform

Feature Overview The SimplyConvert platform just became even smarter: firms can now opt to have the chatbot perform a statute of limitations (SOL) check before sending contracts.

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We've updated our pricing to better align with your business

What changed Previously we charged a flat fee for each quality chatbot engagement and an additional fee for each engagement that signed a contract. As of this month, SimplyConvert..

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Putting Clients First with the SimplyConvert Client Portal

SimplyConvert is proud to announce one more way SimplyConvert Community members can give their clients best in practice legal assistance – the option of a secure client portal.

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SimplyConvert privacy policy

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

We have completed our revised privacy policy and terms and conditions, and we are very proud to announce that the SimplyConvert platform is compliant with the TCPA, GDPR and..

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