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Optimizing Camp Lejeune Data: Streamline Filings, Build Stronger Cases

Cory Tays Aug 30, 2022

The water supply at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune was contaminated with toxic chemicals for decades. Exposure to these chemicals has resulted in tragic health conditions for military service members, their families, civilian workers, and countless other people who used the water at Camp Lejeune.

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act grants the ability to sue and recover damages for those exposed to toxic water at the base between 1953 and 1987. 

SimplyConvert’s intake and case management tools make it simple and effective for law firms to reach clients who qualify, sign them, and file their claims. Our data-informed approach has made us the top intake service for law firms involved in the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Litigation. 

In this article, we will explain how the SimplyConvert system instantly qualifies clients using criteria formulated by the leaders of the litigation, signs them using automated document requests, and collects all necessary information and data so that law firms can file cases at the click of a button while adapting to the requirements of the Camp Lejeune Litigation. 

The Criteria-Based Chatbot: Our Client Intake System

People seeking legal help for the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuit need accurate answers on their status quickly. In many cases, veterans and their families have been denied claims for compensation multiple times, and this lawsuit can hopefully bring them the benefits they deserve.

Our Instant Case Evaluation chatbot gathers essential information and determines whether a potential client qualifies for a lawsuit instantly

SimplyConvert’s client intake chatbot is powered by criteria provided by the leaders of the Camp Lejeune litigation, and our AI is continually informed by the potential clients using it. Criteria can also be customized for each individual law firm using our service so that they only qualify intakes they’re seeking. 

For the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuit, our baseline criteria, which informs decision-making on qualification, include: 

Preliminary Intake

  • Location: Our chatbot asks users where on the military base they resided. Camp Lejeune is huge, and the historical barracks have housed upwards of one million people since the base opened. Paired with other criteria, the locational data can help us determine the source, levels and type of exposure. 
  • Dates: The contamination of drinking water at Camp Lejeune started in the early 1950s, and the most contaminated wells were shut down in 1985. Collecting data on the dates and length of exposure also helps determine the source, levels and type of exposure. 
  • Injuries and Diagnoses: There were a variety of injuries, diseases and tragic diagnoses that resulted from water contamination at Camp Lejeune. Our chatbot asks about diagnosis history from a list of reported injuries. These diagnoses include those listed as presumptive by the VA and other common diagnoses we’ve seen in client intake. 

Using this gathered information, we can quickly determine whether or not a person qualifies for legal action and what categories they fall under. Pending qualification, a user’s information is filtered into SimplyConvert’s firm-facing dashboard and the client-facing dashboard. 

Download SimplyConvert's Camp Lejeune Case Criteria

Data Collection and Optimization Doesn’t Stop After Intake

After initial intake, our data allows us to map out the locational and exposure-related information for each and every client. 

This information enables us to expand our scope and provide data insights to experts and other litigation professionals. The filtered and classified data allows us to automatically fill out the CLJA form, the claim form presented by the Navy as the official way to file a Camp Lejeune injury claimt. 

This data can be transformed as well to identify cases or groups of cases for bellwether trials and other litigation purposes. 

The CLJA Claim Form

The new Camp Lejeune Justice Act (CLJA) Claim Form, put out by the U.S. Navy, is the official way to file for compensation. 

Our services collect all necessary data for the CLJA Claim Form from each client, and our AI is able to automatically populate the information onto the CLJA form for any clients that your law firm acquires through the SimplyConvert chatbot. 

Additional Data-Driven Follow-Up

As medical information sometimes changes after a client has signed on, our outreach efforts are optimized to confirm information and update it if needed. 

In addition to updating medical information, our platform is prepared to qualify clients for medical monitoring when more information on the process becomes available.

From the Client’s Point-of-View: How Does the Qualification Process Work?

The SimplyConvert client intake chatbot and dashboard is accessible and easy to use for people of all technical abilities. 

When directed to a webpage with a SimplyConvert Camp Lejeune Chatbot, a potential client will be directed through a series of questions and multiple choice prompts, and our system will use their data inputs to automatically determine whether or not they qualify for legal action.

Data inputs include:

  • Who is applying for legal action? (you or a loved one)
  • Were you or a loved one at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 for at least 30 days? 
  • Reason for being at Camp Lejeune
  • Diagnosis type and date
  • Date of Birth

Upon qualification, these data inputs are compiled into a profile on the SimplyConvert Client Dashboard. The client dashboard, safeguarded by two-factor authentication, allows users to fill out important information: retainer agreements, HIPAA authorizations, secondary authorizations, and all other information relevant to their case. 

The Client Dashboard also enables seamless communication between the representing law firm and the client. A modern and simple approach to the client intake and case management process. 

Drip Campaigns

Our automated drip campaigns keep in contact with potential clients, sending them respectful “nudges” to encourage interaction with our services and the signing of necessary contracts and documents. 

The SimplyConvert drip campaign will be customized to each law firm and trackable to see whether or not a potential client has interacted with the messaging. Drip campaigns are completed by email and text message.

Our Goal: Clean and Structured Data from Beginning to End

SimplyConvert’s goal is to provide law firms a host of services that produce a clean and structured data profile, covering the client journey from lead, to intake, to case management and finally to settlement. 

Our intuitive system was built by lawyers for lawyers. We understand the arduous nature of lead generation and client intake, and have made it our mission to simplify the process on both the client and firm ends. 

The Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Litigation is nothing like we’ve ever seen before, and the data produced by client intake and follow-up is precious in multiple respects.

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