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John Romano's 12 Don'ts in the Handling of the Camp Lejeune Cases

Jessie Hoerman Sep 21, 2022
On today's AAJ Camp Lejeune Virtual Seminar, moderator John Romano of Romano Law Group shared his tips on handling Camp Lejeune cases. His points are so important that they are worth sharing again. Thank you, John! 
  1. Don’t mislead in marketing – don’t presume and assume things.
    • There is no specific fund set up for settled cases.

  2. Don’t rely on others to interpret the statute.

  3. Do not ignore the history and nomenclature of the Marine Corp. Learn the basics and rank structure.
    • Marines don’t retire in four years. It's not retirement until 30 years, etc.
    • Marines are not soldiers! (Historically, in WWII they were called "soldiers of the sea.")

  4. Do not delay in obtaining the medical records (all, through whatever source you have).

  5. Don’t file a lawsuit and plead “negligence” or regular tort terms – that is an argument for removing it from the statute.

  6. Do not confuse this statute with the Military Claims Act, FTCA or other similar statutes. This is a new statute through which this is being filed.

  7. Don’t enter agreements/stipulation with the government. That stipulation could have a devastating effect on everyone else.

  8. There are rumors abounding minute by minute – don’t continue to spread the rumors; stop them and find out what is correct.

  9. Watch SOLs under this statute.

  10. Do not think of the claim as a lawsuit.
    • Claim is being filed first.
    • Lawsuit is being filed later.

  11. Remember that you are dealing with people who are very disciplined and more structured. They will not tolerate late responses. Stay ahead of them and of this. There must be ongoing mass communications.

  12. Don’t panic! Go to a reliable source for information.