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Texas Freeze Litigation

Erin Hively Mar 04, 2021

More than 4 million customers lost power during below-freezing weather in February 2021 due to the negligence of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the entity that operates Texas’s electrical grid. Texans sustained injuries as a result of hypothermia, dehydration, and the inability to get medical assistance. It will take months to understand the extent of the damage. In addition to physical injury, commercial and residential properties experienced extensive property damage, much of which may not be covered by insurance. 

SimplyConvert Can Help Your Firm Get Involved Now

SimplyConvert’s proprietary Instant Case Evaluation Platform can help your team seek justice for Texans experiencing physical injuries or property damage from the catastrophic events of the avoidable power grid failure. 

We partner with the most qualified lawyers in every litigation and practice area to formulate the criteria for qualifying clients. Once we program our AI-powered chatbot with the litigation-specific criteria, it is ready to chat with website visitors and qualify potentially viable claims for the litigation. 

Firms on the SimplyConvert platform can immediately begin case intake for the litigation. (If your team wishes to modify the criteria, we are happy to discuss how we can revise it to work for your practice.) As with all of our Instant Case Evaluators, no litigation-specific training is required. 

Getting Started 

  • SimplyConvert community members: Simply publish a website page or blog post, add “Texas Storm” as a starting point for your “widget,” and you are ready to convert website visitors into qualified clients.

  • Not a SimplyConvert community member yet? Click here to schedule a demo and get started with SimplyConvert. Setup can be completed in as little as 48 hours. 

Beyond Instant Case Evaluation: Additional SimplyConvert Advantages

  • Simplified Case Generation: SimplyConvert offers many different options for case gathering at any scale, and we would be happy to discuss them with your team. If you would like assistance in establishing an inventory of Texas Freeze Litigation cases or any other matters, please email Marc Stern at

  • Simplified Referrals: If you choose not to litigate Texas Freeze Litigation cases, SimplyConvert is the ideal platform for referring clients to other firms. Our platform offers a straightforward referral process and simplified referral relationships with best-in-class lawyers in every litigation area, allowing you to diversify your practice without the need to increase staff and resources.

From the first conversation to a signed contract, SimplyConvert’s automation tools put every step of the client intake process on autopilot. If you’re not already using the SimplyConvert platform, get started today and get back to focusing on your cases.