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We've updated our pricing to better align with your business

Erin Hively Mar 23, 2021

What changed

Previously we charged a flat fee for each quality chatbot engagement and an additional fee for each engagement that signed a contract.

As of this month, SimplyConvert users only pay when a conversation turns into a client. Whether our chatbot talks with 1 or 100 or 1,000 of your website visitors, you won’t be charged for any interactions unless they result in signed contracts. It’s simple, straight-forward, and success-based.

What stays the same

Simply Convert clients still have access to the entire SimplyConvert platform at no charge. You get free access to a robust legal CRM, automatic lead-nurturing, one-click case referrals to other firms, and a chatbot that can carry on criteria-based conversations on more than 60 practice areas and litigations. You can find a complete list of the platform’s features on our pricing page.

Why we did it

SimplyConvert was built by lawyers for lawyers. We know that you don’t care about leads -- you care about clients. Our new success-based pricing is a win-win: we get paid for delivering a signed contract, just like you get paid for delivering a settlement.

What are you waiting for?

Law firms that have left their live chat vendors, expensive CRM platforms, referral tracking spreadsheets, and standalone e-sign software behind and made the switch to SimplyConvert aren’t looking back.

SimplyConvert is the solution law firms need for client intake because it was created by a lawyer who was fed up with not having the right technology to meet her firm’s needs. (You can read more about that here.)

If you’re currently paying for live chat by the conversation -- not the contract, or if your client intake workflow looks like something from Frankenstein’s lab, request a demo and make the switch to SimplyConvert today.

We’d love to help you revolutionize client intake for your firm.