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Client Acquisition Technology for Social Security Disability Law Firms

Scott Lafferty Jun 15, 2023
SimplyConvert's client acquisition technology now available for SSDI firms

SimplyConvert's automated intake platform has been customized to allow Social Security disability firms to programmatically decline unqualified clients, while also identifying Social Security disability clients they can help.  Once a qualified prospect is identified, the platform automatically prompts a potential client to securely sign a retainer and SSA Form-1696.

SimplyConvert's award-winning Instant Case Evaluator™ and Active Client Intelligence™ Intake Platform are changing how Social Security disability law firms handle intake, manage relationships, and grow their practices.

A Complete Client Acquisition Solution

Put SimplyConvert's all-in-one automation platform to work for you and get back to focusing on your clients.

  • Run Client Intake and Case Acquisition on Autopilot. Evaluate cases 24/7/365 with lawyer-created criteria: Auto-retain qualified clients, and auto-reject unqualified leads.

  • Keep Client Data Organized. With client information organized in your CRM, you can easily track interactions and improve overall client relationships.

  • Streamline Communication, Keep Clients Engaged and Informed. Utilize the integrated mass email tool to send targeted emails to specific groups of clients or contacts.

  • Put Your Client Data to Work for You. Confidently make decisions to drive firm growth with the real-time data you need at your fingertips.

  • Grow Your Firm with the SimplyConvert Referral Network. Refer clients you can't help to trusted community members and unlock a brand-new stream of cases.

Criteria Created by Leading Lawyers

We partnered with the most qualified Social Security disability lawyers to formulate the criteria for qualifying clients. Once we program our AI-powered chatbot with the litigation-specific criteria, it is ready to chat with website visitors and qualify potentially viable claims for litigation.

For potential clients, SimplyConvert’s Instant Case Evaluator makes it easier for a claimant to hire a Social Security disability attorney. For firms, SimplyConvert is the all-in-one Social Security disability acquisition and management tool, designed to retain your clients and assist you from intake to obtaining a favorable decision.

Get started with SimplyConvert today and transform your practice.