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Jessie Hoerman

In 2009, when we opened TorHoerman Law, finding clients meant talking to one of the large corporate legal marketing experts. It took only a few conversations with the “experts” before we decided there had to be a better way. That is when my legal career took a slight turn toward legal marketing and legal tech. And I haven’t looked back. It was during these years that I decided that the legal intake model is broken. But, with no other options, we continued to follow the model, fully knowing that, unless a potential client happened to get us on the phone, we had created a horrible user experience. In the non-legal world, people expect responses instantly. We rely daily on Amazon, Uber, and many other instant response services. Yet, law firms continue to place obstacles in front of valuable legal guidance. We pay services to turn our legal websites into a jigsaw puzzle of tools that delay legal guidance rather than assist potential clients. Without thinking twice, lawyers assigned the role of “first impression” of our law firm to a foreign chat agent who knows nothing about law, let alone our law firm. Today, there is a better way, and I am excited to be part of the solution.

AI for Lawyers

AAJ Trial Magazine Feature: Jumpstart Your AI Journey

The potential uses for generative Al and large language models run the gamut. Start exploring how to implement this technology in your practice. Click here to download this..

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Rule 16.1

Rule 16.1: What it is and how attorneys can ensure compliance

Multidistrict litigations (MDLs) are an increasingly large percentage of the federal docket; according to 2023 US Courts data, more than 70% of federal civil cases are part of a..

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Helping Ensure Efficient Justice for Camp Lejeune Victims Through Increased Transparency

It is no secret to the attorneys representing those who served at Camp Lejeune and their families that this unconscionable environmental and public health disaster has resulted in..

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Understanding the Camp Lejeune Elective Option

Camp Lejeune Litigation: Understanding the Elective Option

The Data Set SimplyConvert analyzed a pool of just over 11,000 Camp Lejeune claimants in our Mass Torts 360™ platform to understand the impact of the recently-released Elective..

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John Romano's 12 Don'ts in the Handling of the Camp Lejeune Cases

On today's AAJ Camp Lejeune Virtual Seminar, moderator John Romano of Romano Law Group shared his tips on handling Camp Lejeune cases. His points are so important that they are..

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SimplyConvert and Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Client Intake

SimplyConvert Automates and Maximizes Veteran Compensation with Real-Time Adjustments to Presumptive Diseases

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Make it Rain with One Simple Change to Your Website

One simple change to your website could increase your legal fees by millions and your return on marketing dollars by over 2,000%

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man searching for lawyer online

Anything less than 24/7 legal help simply doesn't cut it anymore

If your solution to client intake doesn't include 24/7 instant legal guidance in this post-Covid world, you are likely losing potential clients and you may not even be aware of..

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Paraquat being sprayed on a field

The early advantage SimplyConvert firms had in Paraquat

Was your firm collecting Paraquat cases 2 years ago? SimplyConvert firms were.

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Reflecting on SimplyConvert's ABA Techshow win

Chatbots and Lemonade: Reflecting on our 2020 ABA Techshow win, pandemic silver linings, and a year of tremendous growth

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And boy, do I know that to be true. I was leading the marketing efforts for TorHoerman Law (THL). After years of testing and..

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