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Paragard IUD Litigation

Jessie Hoerman Oct 21, 2020

SimplyConvert is excited to announce that our proprietary Instant Case Evaluation platform can now assist your team in seeking justice for women who experienced complications from their IUD – Paragard.

Why now?

In September 2020, lawyers filed a petition to transfer all ParaGard lawsuits to the US District Court for the Central District of California. An MDL is likely to form prior to year-end. Now is the time to get involved.

How does your firm get involved? As with all of our Instant Case Evaluators, your team does not need to have any training on what constitutes a qualified client for the Paragard litigation.

SimplyConvert teams up with the most qualified lawyers in every litigation area to make sure that our all-knowing chatbot has been taught case criteria that results in a potentially viable claim. If your team is looking for a different-criteria, reach out and we can revise the criteria to work for your practice.

Simplified Case Generation

SimplyConvert offers many different options for case gathering at any scale - and we are happy to discuss all of the options with your team.

If you would like assistance in establishing an inventory of Paragard cases, or any cases, feel free to review our flexible pricing options for case generation at any scale.

In addition, SimplyConvert team members who utilize our chatbot are all set for intakes – just put up a website page/blog and you are ready to convert. Don’t forget, SimplyConvert also has phone calls covered through our manual intake module.

Simplified Referrals

SimplyConvert is the ideal platform to diversify your practice without the need to increase staff resources. SimplyConvert offers your firm a simplified referral process and simplified referral relationships with best in class lawyers in every litigation area.

As always, if your law firm has a litigation area you think we should be sharing with Team SimplyConvert, reach out!

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