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Putting Clients First with the SimplyConvert Client Portal

Jessie Hoerman Oct 22, 2020

SimplyConvert is proud to announce one more way SimplyConvert Community members can give their clients best in practice legal assistance – the option of a secure client portal.

We have been successfully using the client portal for representation agreements and medical authorizations for years. But, recently we have been sampling use of the portal as an option for secondary screening and we are finding many clients prefer this option to a phone consultation.

Recently, we provided the client portal as an option for sexual abuse victims in completing the twelve-page form required by the Boy Scout abuse bankruptcy court. Given the option to use SimplyConvert’s secure client portal versus a phone consultation, nearly 70% of our client/victims chose to provide these very private details online. 

Automation of the Sexual Abuse Survivor Form within SimplyConvert’s secure client portal is just one example of how SimplyConvert revolutionizes the legal experience utilizing cutting-edge technology.

We were not surprised by the success of the client portal. In fact, the idea of the portal initially came from our own life experiences as consumers who chose efficiency and privacy on a daily basis. 

And, it turns out, we are not alone in realizing the power of the portal. According to the Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report, firms that use client portals see 21% more revenue than firms not using client portals, through August 2020. 

But, more importantly, Clio points out that firms that use client portals look more professional and caring because they have considered the needs of clients who are struggling to get assistance during this new normal.

The pandemic poses both challenges and opportunities for law firms smart enough to adapt to the new normal. Has your firm laid the foundation for a new legal-service model that serves the needs of your clients? SimplyConvert has you covered.

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