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Live chat to chatbot: 3 reasons you won’t regret making the switch

Erin Hively Feb 23, 2021

What started as a solution to keep the virtual office lights on 24/7 for many law firms has turned out to be an inefficient and ineffective way to interact with prospective clients. Live chat modules are everywhere, but they’re not delivering the results they promised. The impact has severe implications for law firm pipelines: prospects are closing their browsers and moving on.

So how can firms maintain round-the-clock availability and engage with clients in a more meaningful way?

Enter the first artificial intelligence-powered chatbot specifically created for law firms by a lawyer: SimplyConvert.

Firms that have made the switch to Simply Convert’s chatbot find that their costs for engaging with prospects online have decreased, while the quality of leads from their websites has risen dramatically. Here are three reasons why you won’t look back after replacing your live chat service with SimplyConvert:

  1. Eliminate the noise. SimplyConvert’s chatbot runs on criteria-based questions and keeps the conversation focused on gathering relevant information, so you and your staff aren’t left reading through pages and pages of wandering live chat transcripts. You are instantly notified when a prospective client meets your custom criteria and you’ll both know up-front whether they have a case. Increasing the efficiency of your lead qualification and intake processes allows you and your staff to focus on your actual casework.

  2. Better serve your clients. Chatbots allow you to maintain 24/7/365 availability so that you can engage with clients on their time, not only when it’s convenient for you and your staff. That means the third-shift worker or the new mom scrolling the internet in the middle of the night can engage with your firm and even retain you to represent them outside of regular business hours.

  3. Maximize your advertising dollars. The chatbot is just one feature of Simply Convert’s powerful platform. With its integrated legal CRM, SimplyConvert not only helps you manage relationships with potential and signed clients from all lead sources, but it also aggregates all of your data into a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard. You will quickly be able to discern how well your advertising campaigns are working, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your marketing dollars.

Experience the difference yourself: schedule a demo today and ask about our 30-day free trial.

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