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Blog: SimplyConvert Solutions

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Introducing Click-to-Call for SimplyConvert’s Instant Case Evaluator™ Chatbot

Today we’re excited to announce the addition of Click-to-Call on the SimplyConvert Instant Case Evaluator™ chatbot. This new feature allows potential clients to initiate a phone..

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Make it Rain with One Simple Change to Your Website

One simple change to your website could increase your legal fees by millions and your return on marketing dollars by over 2,000%

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man searching for lawyer online

Anything less than 24/7 legal help simply doesn't cut it anymore

If your solution to client intake doesn't include 24/7 instant legal guidance in this post-Covid world, you are likely losing potential clients and you may not even be aware of..

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Client reading email from her attorney

5 tips for making a great first impression on new clients

Implementing SimplyConvert’s chatbot to intake new clients through your website is a significant first step towards becoming a more client-centered law firm. But to ensure you’re..

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rearview mirror

Is TCPA compliance a liability lurking in your blind spot?

Is your law firm fully compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA?

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Live chat to chatbot: 3 reasons you won’t regret making the switch

What started as a solution to keep the virtual office lights on 24/7 for many law firms has turned out to be an inefficient and ineffective way to interact with prospective..

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attorney working on computer

3 Lessons Learned from a Pandemic-Proof Law Firm

The U.S. business landscape radically shifted in March 2020 due to the coronavirus, and law firms across the country are not immune to the challenges faced by changes in the..

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Lawyer working remotely

Lawyers Working Remotely – Don’t Panic Over Missed Opportunities

The Covid-19 pandemic is not the time for a law firm to panic over missed opportunities. As leaders in the community, lawyers have an obligation to take this time to care for..

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person searching for legal assistance online

Help Fill the American “Justice Gap”

Expectations vs. Reality Today, more than half of legal searches begin, and end, with an online search. The legal consumer expects that an online search will result in a list of..

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paralegal and case intake

Traditional Legal Intake Process…Disrupted

More than half of legal clients shop around before hiring a lawyer. Today more than ever, it is important for lawyers to understand what legal consumers are looking for when..

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