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SimplyConvert Dives into the Shark Tank: AI Solutions for Lawyers

Erin Hively Nov 21, 2023
SimplyConvert's Shark Tank Event

In a move to foster innovation and propel the legal industry into the future, SimplyConvert recently hosted its first Shark Tank competition. The event, a testament to the company's commitment to cutting-edge technology, saw employees pitching their AI-powered solutions aimed at revolutionizing the legal landscape. Spearheaded by SimplyConvert's Founder and CEO, Jessie Hoerman, the competition showcased the company's dedication to transforming the legal industry, increasing access to justice, and enhancing the work lives of legal professionals.

SimplyConvert's Shark Tank competition was conceived as a platform to tap into the company's wealth of talent and creativity. Recognizing the potential of artificial intelligence to reshape the legal sector, Hoerman encouraged all employees to submit their ideas for AI-powered solutions that could be developed by the SimplyConvert team.

Known for her forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation, Hoerman has been a driving force behind SimplyConvert's mission to leverage technology to better the legal profession. Her vision encompasses improving the efficiency of legal processes and addressing the broader goal of increasing access to justice.

The event took place in the heart of Edwardsville at the newly opened Ink House. The building’s transformation from a local newspaper hub to a vibrant event center mirrors the growth and innovation transpiring within the community and underscores SimplyConvert’s dedication to being an integral part of Edwardsville's forward momentum. 

SimplyConvert is proud to contribute to the city's thriving landscape and is dedicated to tapping into the talent pool at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE). Many of SimplyConvert's employees are SIUE alumni, showcasing the company's commitment to investing in local talent.

Edwardsville's 3rd Ward Alderman, Andrea Miracle, came to watch the presentations and later expressed her admiration for the initiative. "I had the opportunity to stop by this unique event. I was impressed by the creativity, innovation, and level of engagement by all those involved. Thanks to SimplyConvert for recruiting and employing graduates of SIUE," remarked Alderman Miracle. 

The event brought together employees from various departments, fostering a collaborative spirit and emphasizing the importance of cross-functional teamwork. Participants were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of attorney judges — Tor Hoerman, Eric Terry, and Tyler Schneider from TorHoerman Law. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as employees presented their innovative AI solutions, each vying for the chance to see their idea come to life.

Judges evaluated the pitches based on a set of criteria that aligned with SimplyConvert's overarching goals. Key factors included the potential impact on the legal industry, the feasibility of implementation, and the alignment with the company's mission. The competition emphasized not only the technological aspect of the proposals but also their potential to bring about positive change in the legal ecosystem.

After intense deliberation, a winning idea emerged—one that not only showcased technological innovation but also resonated with SimplyConvert's commitment to making a meaningful impact. The proposal will now move into the development phase, where the SimplyConvert team will bring the concept to life.

SimplyConvert's inaugural Shark Tank competition stands as a testament to the company's dedication to fostering innovation and leveraging AI to transform the legal industry. Under Jessie Hoerman's leadership, the company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, with a steadfast commitment to improving access to justice and enhancing the work lives of legal professionals. As the winning idea moves from concept to reality, the legal community eagerly anticipates the positive disruptions that SimplyConvert's AI-powered solutions will bring to the industry.