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Make it Rain with One Simple Change to Your Website

Jessie Hoerman Apr 06, 2022

One simple change to your website could increase your legal fees by millions and your return on marketing dollars by over 2,000%

Yes, you read that correctly. All it takes is the addition of one snippet of code to transform your site into a client intake-optimized, money-making machine.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. And hundreds of law firms are already watching their case and referral numbers grow as a result of making the switch to SimplyConvert.

If your firm is still using live chat, it's time to upgrade your intake system. Your 2010 solution to 24/7 digital engagement with potential clients is costing you opportunities and money. Below are the results of a 54-month study we conducted on a firm that switched from live chat to SimplyConvert and capitalized on ALL that SimplyConvert has to offer. We think you'll agree that the results are astounding and we invite you to schedule a demo for your firm. 

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Case Study

How One Law Firm Realized Millions in Legal Fees and Increased its Marketing ROI by more than 2,000% by Switching from Live Chat to SimplyConvert

About the study:

  • Conducted over 54 months (27 months with live chat, followed by 27 months with SimplyConvert)
  • Firm relied on a well-known live chat service provider to field inquiries from potential clients visiting its website for first 27 months
  • Firm switched to SimplyConvert and ensured that they took advantage of all the platform's included features

Finding #1: SimplyConvert Increases Engagement with Potential Clients.

One of the first benefits of switching from live chat to SimplyConvert that the firm noted was an increase in engagement with its website visitors. In fact, engagement with potential clients more than doubled after making the change. 

Unlike live chat, static forms, or DIY chatbots, SimplyConvert provides instant legal guidance at the moment the consumer intends to hire a lawyer. Engagement rates increase over time as SimplyConvert learns the needs of your potential clients. 

Whether your firm specializes in a single area of law or 50 different litigation areas, SimplyConvert ensures you have a criteria-based chat conversation ready for every new litigation.

The bottom line: better client experiences = better engagement percentages. 

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Finding #2: SimplyConvert Signs More Cases – 635 to be exact.

During the 27 months our test law firm used live chat, they signed only eight clients at a total cost of $25,690. That means each client cost the firm $3,211. Ouch

Conversely, the firm signed 643 clients at a cost of $32,150 in the first 27 months of using SimplyConvert. That's $50 per signed client — what we like to call success-based pricing.

The 8 clients that were signed during the live chat days of our test law firm would have cost only $224 if SimplyConvert had something to say about it. SimplyConvert understands the challenges of budgeting your legal resources, which is why you pay only for signed clients, not conversations. When you win, we win. 

Finding #3: SimplyConvert Firms Refer Cases to Each Other.

SimplyConvert isn't just a client engagement platform — it's a community. We designed SimplyConvert to allow law firms to instantly refer signed and potential cases to trusted legal partners. And, if your state bar allows it, we have some great partners for you to meet who will be happy to split fees with you.

During the 27 months our test law firm used SimplyConvert, the firm referred out 419 of the signed cases they generated from their website — 65% of their signed clients!

Back when the firm was using live chat, referring a case meant getting on a listserv and searching for a lawyer that could assist the legal consumer — a process that took too much time. Rather than go through this labor-intensive process, the firm simply rejected the chat and moved on. Today, the firm is building a SimplyConvert referral network; 419 cases is just the start! 

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