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What to Look for in a Client Acquisition Partner

Erin Hively Oct 19, 2023

In an industry where transparency and trustworthiness are paramount, we understand how crucial it is for law firms to partner with reliable and ethical marketing partners. This week, we’re sharing the safeguards that SimplyConvert and TSEG employ to ethically identify mass tort clients. If you’re securing clients from other companies, we recommend utilizing this list as a guide to ensure you don’t run into issues: 

  1. Transparency. Your marketing firm should be willing to show you the landing page, all creatives, and all client communications made on your behalf. This is part of our standard practice.

  2. Protection from TCPA Violations. It’s important to take the time to ensure your firm’s advertising and client intake methods are entirely TCPA compliant. Knowing that your firm is doing right by consumers will not only give you peace of mind, it could also save you from a major headache, hefty fines, and protect you from scammers looking for a quick payout. Our outreach procedures, coupled with built-in TCPA protections on our platform, allow you to rest assured that your firm won’t face TCPA violations.

  3. U.S.-Based Call Center. When it comes to client outreach, you can’t trust just anyone. Our 100% U.S.-based client intake call center team handles calls with your clients with the utmost care. When it comes to highly sensitive matters, such as cases involving sexual abuse, we’ve invested significant time and resources into ensuring our representatives are trauma-informed and prepared to speak with survivors.

  4. Fraudulent Lead Prevention. Your client intake partner should have protections in place to prevent fraudulent client sign-ups. SimplyConvert uses two-factor authentication, requiring users to verify their contact information before signing a contract which ensures that users provide valid email addresses and phone numbers. This significantly improves lead quality, protects you from spammers and bots, ensures that the information in your CRM is accurate, and that you’re able to get in touch with clients using the communication method of their choice.

  5. Prices Quoted as Ranges, Not Exact Figures. A cost range is indicative of a provider's active involvement in the market and their commitment to real-time optimization. Any fixed or guaranteed price can be a potential red flag and may suggest less active or outdated marketing strategies — in fact, multiple federal judges have found fixed price leads to be a violation of ethical standards. In a constantly shifting marketplace, providers that are actively marketing can't accurately predict or guarantee a fixed acquisition cost. When the market fluctuates, fixed pricing can incentivize companies to resort to shady means to maintain the promised price.  When you work with us, we provide you with the most accurate cost per case range possible, based on real campaign data.

  6. Dual Representation Detection.* Digital marketing has helped make consumers much more aware of mass tort litigations, and digital tools such as e-sign have allowed them to sign up for legal assistance with little effort. While these are positive developments for clients and attorneys alike, the ease of access has led to an increase in duplicate signed clients. SimplyConvert's Mass Tort Dual Representation Detector™ is a tech-forward solution that protects law firm mass tort inventories from duplicate signings, starting at intake. The Dual Representation Detector™ scans your inventory for clients who have signed with multiple law firms, allowing you to address duplicate representation matters before you spend time and money developing cases.

  7. Client Management System. You and your marketing partner should be utilizing a client management system for all of your client acquisition and intake efforts. This system should automatically track client consent to receive communications and record all texts, phone calls, and emails with date and time stamps. You should only accept leads from law firms willing to utilize the same client management system or a system that offers similar tech-forward protections. The SimplyConvert platform ensures you have accurate records of all client interactions.

  8. Commitment to be Part of the Solution. Lastly, partner with a client acquisition team that actively contributes to identifying and reporting bad actors. Both SimplyConvert and TSEG team members consistently monitor and report copyright infringements and stolen creative content. 

    Experience the TSEG and SimplyConvert difference. Schedule a call today to get started with your next campaign. 

*Available for specified mass tort litigations.