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Ensuring you have more than one way to get in touch with your clients

Erin Hively Jun 23, 2021
woman checking cell phone for two factor authentication code

In April we announced the addition of two-factor verification to the SimplyConvert platform. You can read about it in our blog post, Enhancing security and client experience with two-factor verification.) The enhancement requires users to verify their contact information before signing a contract, ensuring that users provide valid email addresses and phone numbers, improving lead quality, and protecting you from spammers. 

Today, we’re happy to tell you that we’ve taken our two-factor verification a step further with secondary two-factor verification. This additional enhancement encourages users to verify their second contact method after they’ve signed a contract. 

How it works

  • The user provides their contact information when the chatbot indicates their case results are ready. 

  • Once the user submits the information, SimplyConvert sends a four-digit code to the email address and phone number that the user must enter before signing a contract. Users also have the option to receive the code via an automated phone call. 

  • The platform takes note of the user’s selected method of receiving the code. When you log in to the dashboard, you will see a blue checkmark next to the user’s preferred communication method. Using their preferred method oftentimes results in a higher success rate in reaching the client.

  • After the user completes their contract, they will be prompted to verify their second contact method.

  • Once all methods have been verified the user will receive confirmation that all contact methods have been verified. In the dashboard, you will now see two blue checkmarks next to the verified information: 

Why we did it 

Two-factor verification ensures that you have at least one verified contact method for your client. With secondary two-factor verification, both the phone number and email address are confirmed. This ensures that all contact information in your CRM is accurate and ensures you have a backup method for communicating with your clients.

How to get it

Two-factor verification is already enabled across the entire SimplyConvert platform. To add secondary two-factor verification to your firm’s instance, send us a request via the feature request form within the dashboard.